Health Care

StreamLine has been providing the highest quality transcription service by combining top class customer service, world class transcriptionists, and leading edge technologies. Our HIPAA-compliant internet based transcription system makes it possible to dictate and access medical reports anytime from anywhere possible. The AAMT standard 65 character line is used for billing.


StreamLine strives for achieving 100% accuracy and guarantees 99% or above. We have systems and processes in place that ensure that each document goes through two levels of Quality Assurance by senior staff after being transcribed. Our staff routinely attends training to keep up with advances in medical terminology and has access to the latest medical and drug references on CDs.

Turnaround Time

StreamLine is able to guarantee a verifiable turnaround for reports as agreed for each work type. Standard turnaround is 24 hours, but generally completed reports are delivered the next morning.

Dictation Options

StreamLine has in place a very sophisticated toll free dictation system that can handle up to 20,000 concurrent callers, guaranteeing that you will never get a busy tone. Physicians also have the option of using a Digital Voice Recorder which can be connected to a PC for a single click upload of voice files.

Report Access Options

StreamLine provides WebEMR, a state of the art Electronic Medical Record system at no extra charge. This allows physicians, medical records and billing staff to securely access, edit, and print reports using any computer on the internet. A versatile Chart Locator system is provided which can search for reports based on medical record number, patient first and last name, date of visit or work type.

Transcription Benefits

  • Outsourcing Medical Transcription allows you to focus on providing high quality medical care to your patients.
  • Significant savings per Full Time Employee (FTE) are achieved in the following areas:
  • Quick Turn Around Time (TAT). Guaranteed to be within 24 hours, generally delivered in 12 hours. STAT jobs are returned with 2-4 turnaround.
  • No equipment or start up cost. State of the art dictation and web based secure system allows secure viewing, editing and printing of reports 24x7 from anywhere. Toll free dictation system guaranteed never to be busy, can handle 20,000 simultaneous callers. Hand held digital voice recorders are also supported.
  • We eliminate your staffing expenses.
  • We eliminate your hardware expenses.
  • We eliminate your annual support expense.
  • We eliminate capital budget expenditures.
  • We eliminate interfacing expenses and headaches.
  • We utilize verifiable line-counting methods.
  • We simplify the equipment requirements for transcriptionists and management.
  • We reduce support staff tasks with software automation.
  • By software automation we reduce many hidden cost of yours Batch printing and automatic courtesy copies reduces cost. On-line viewing of transcriptions reduces telephone calls to support staff.


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